Harper's Bazaar: November 2009

This is a quick and slightly frivolous and HIGHLY INDULGENT entry; but I'm going to do it anyway...


Credit: Harper's Bazaar Singapore

So yes, it's mightily self-indulgent but the entry I did quite a while back about the BCBG fashion party made it to Harper's Bazaar Singapore. So we had our photos taken and were featured in the magazine - albeit in the corner where most people don't look anyway.
As I said, frivolous and self-indulgent but hey, what girl could resist?

Oh and if you are wondering, I'm wearing Banana Republic tuxedo pants, Basso&Brooke shirt and Lauren Merkin clutch.

P.S: I'm so sorry for the lack of entries these days, I've been so BUSY moving and everything and it just got to the the point where I was unmotivated to do anything. I promise I'll be back for some more action : )

Dior in a Frame

I went to Quentin Shih's exhibition quite a while back and only did I realise I took some pictures on my iPhone (so excuse for the marvelously inexcusable wash of colour).

Many people probably don't know that an 'Ion Art' even exists because most people are confined to the lower vicinity of this segregating mall (aka: the Basements). It is located on the top floor, tucked away in a very unassuming corner.


Nevertheless, Quentin Shih's exhibition is up titled "Stranger in a Box". It involves all of the Dior models or at least clothes being encased in a clear box with all sorts of stereotypical 'Chinese' onlookers. He said it is meant to depict the detachment between the two cultures and even through globalisation and increasing integration; somehow something like Dior and China will never become unanimous.

Credit: Quentin Shih

Anyway, all I can say is the concept is simply marvelous. I love the juxtaposition of the haute couture with commie guards, factory workers, school children or official-looking people. However, I think everything's slightly too repetitive and not in that cohesive, coherent way. It is constantly a Caucasian woman in a box, wearing no other than Dior with a couple of Chinese onlookers around her set somewhere in industrial China.

Nevertheless, ION art is somewhat of a sanctuary I've discovered. Barely anyone goes there and it's really quiet, peaceful and somewhat clinical (not to mention sterilised?). You get a bunch of chairs grouped nonchalantly, each a piece of art on its own.


It's extremely tranquil and away from the hustle and bustle of ION. It's strange really and somewhat relieving, I actually like that place. I sat there for quite a while just contemplating (sounds loner-ish, I know). But I hope you'll get to enjoy it as much as I do: I'm also an art-junkie (I spent about 3 days in the Louvre, last time I was in Paris for the gazillionth time).

ION Art:
ION Orchard #04-01

Anna the Great

I finally got round to watching 'The September Issue' today. I know it's late, we're in October, yes, yes. But I do still have the issue sitting all fashionable and trendy in my magazine rack.

So I must admit, that I love Anna Wintour a little more now. Not only is she the editor-in-chief of one of the world's go-to fashion magazine, she's also much more than that. Having such an insight to the cut-throat world of fashion and dishing out magazines every month must be tough stuff and Anna seems dead right for the job: decisive, fashion-forward and a visionary.


Even through her cold, inscrutable stares; there's something more that she possesses and she is definitely not the woman most people portray her to be. Anna does what a girl gotta do, she creates VOGUE for heaven's sake! That in itself seems enough of an excuse to be a little cranky, a little demanding and downright picky. But really, it seems like she's not as cold and harsh and fearsome as some people make her out to be, although I do agree that she's definitely someone you wouldn't want to mess with.


While in the movie, I was thinking to myself that in reality; Anna has a very distinct style that she sticks to day in and out. Unlike her other international Vogue counterparts (i.e.: Carine Roitfeld, Anna Dello Russo, etc.) her sense of style is a lot more conventional (yet still fashionable) and more 'proper'. She definitely has a solid foundation of who she is as the matriarch of the fashion world.

I noticed that she usually wears knee-length, printed dresses with lots of colour, are fitted at the top and a little flared or A-line at the bottom. These dresses either have a little sleeve or are cropped like a tank top (second and third picture). To top it off, when Anna is out and about, she always has a chic, statement coat in her signature fur or some other printed material. Of course, the sunglasses, bob, heels and usually a simple bling-y necklace complete her look.


On top of it all, Anna's also a mother. Bee Shaffer is really beautiful and to have a mother like Anna Wintour, gosh! your wardrobe must be the absolute envy of those around you. Bee's currently studying to be a lawyer and she's seen out and about partying with the elite of New York City's prime society if not by her mother's side at various fashionable events.
I just had to mention her because Bee really is something to reckon with - perhaps even a role model in the future?

Anyway, respect to Anna Wintour who has guided us through our fashionable years.

Vogue, Will You Please?


Even if I sit here with the September Issue of Paris Vogue, I still can't get any inspiration! For what? For everything! I find Paris Vogue encompasses everything necessary for daily life from fashion to culture to inspiration to whatever else you can dream of. So why do I all of a sudden feel so uninspired?

For all the Roitfelds, Alts, Hyunhs and Saglios in the world cannot help me now. I just feel lazy!

Time to Update the Wardrobe

If we were to live in a four-seasoned country, everyone we meet would be bundled up in layers of clothes. Right about now would be the start to Autumn where leaves turn into radiant shades of yellow, orange and red. But alas, Singapore's experiencing its monsoon season.

Even through the rainy weather, I suppose that could substitute for the 'cold' season because technically, when it rains, it does get colder right? Well, recently I attended the Maxstudio.com Fashion Show in Paragon and I must say that their Fall/Winter line seems perfectly suitable for weather like ours.
Yes it's a little more covered up, but it's nothing ridiculously out of place. There are some knits and jackets (to get us through the sub-zero temperatures of Singapore malls and movie theatres) and cute dresses to brave the humid weather.


Maxstudio is a brand that's all about fashionable comfort. It's not overly trendy but has pieces that will get you through more than one season. It's something that every recessionista should have in their wardrobe! I do agree that some of their pieces are catered to an older generation but with a mixture of their eponymous Maxstudio line and Studio M, there's something for everyone.

One critique I must add however, is the styling of the show. Each individual piece presented is fine on its own; yet when combined with the wrong counterpart, one wouldn't look twice at such an outfit. It was a shame to see some stellar combinations and others that fell short to the former.

Nevertheless, with cocktails and canapés provided by Cova; it definitely made the event that much yummier and indulgent.

Paragon #02-36

Paragon #01-20A

It's Bling Season again!

I think that everyone likes a little bling in all the creative ways available. Whether it's that big shiny rock sitting atop one's finger or some understated shine on a cufflink.

Singapore's inaugural JewelFest is back in town starting this Friday October 9 and lasting till October 18 in front of Ngee Ann City. I'll be going to their Official Opening so stay tuned for some pictures later on!

On a side note, I promised that I would do an entry on the MaxStudio fashion show I attended but it seems like all the photos have miraculously vanished off my darned camera...

How Does She Do It?

How does Giovanna Battaglia do it? Stay so effortlessly stylish! It seems like no matter where she goes, even to the most casual of outings; there's still something about her style that exudes that quintessential Italian charm. She never looks overdone and always looks comfortable in whatever she's wearing. Psh, I'm officially jealous.


Doesn't hurt to have gorgeous legs like hers.

BCBG MaxAzria: 20 years of fashion

Before I headed down to Indonesia for a quick getaway, I attended the BCBG MaxAzria fashion show celebrating 20 years of their brand. It promised a night of cocktails, fashion and shopping provided by BCBG and Harper's Bazaar, but alas; promises are always meant to be broken.


I know I've seen BCBG do better. There are a billion more things in their archives that seem to be worth something more to look at than what was presented that night. The night started out well, guests checked in at the front door of their standalone boutique in Paragon and were promptly whisked inside for some drinks and canapés. We were free to browse around and enjoy the light music and the specially discounted items that night.

I thought I saw some pieces that caught my eye, seemed to be a little more worthwhile. There were tailored separates that could take you from day to night, layered dresses, basics and classics alike and their signature gowns lightly touching the floor. So then I thought to myself it wouldn't be all that bad - there are some great pieces here that are worth investing in or worth looking at in a fashion show. I was pretty much deadpan wrong that night.

There were definitely more misses than hits in this collection. BCBG is famed for bodycon dresses, shirts and skirts or then it does the complete opposite and goes for loose, flowy, goddess-like dresses. Never something that was a sort of compromise in the middle. Perhaps it really was quintessentially BCBG but for some reason - there was something missing the pieces shown that night and this time; maybe it was just due to the poor styling on their part.
Here are some of the pieces that I thought were alright. You can't really go wrong with black and these are some of the key elements BCBG uses over and over again in each new collection: an LBD, some bodycon skirt and a bodycon dress à la Hervé Leger.
I just don't get the use of sunglasses indoors... and at night! I know it's a showcase of BCBG fashion but really, must we throw in everything possible?

Then some of the items I didn't really think worthy of any notice - but still popped up anyway. What happened to simple draping? To long, grecian goddess silhouettes? What happened to sleek separates and flirty cocktail dresses?
It seemed just like a mish-mash of bad styling. Who wears a beanie these days? Or since when did BCBG look grungy? Why does a nice, pink and flirty cocktail dress remind me more of drapes than an actual garment? I have a million and one questions pertaining to the styling of that night because when I come to think about it - the whole collection could have been improved 150% if things were just re-ordered and re-thought. In other words, our friend 'coherence' was absent that night.

I just had to post this photo up of a woman (not the one on the foremost left) and her entourage of daughters. There were four of them all dressed in matching hues and cuts of dresses with similar haircuts and small Gucci bags. Family doesn't get any more united than that.

So it was a pretty small and somewhat private affair. There were good canapés (although too few to go around) and a great atmosphere. Everyone seemed to somewhat enjoy themselves and I'm sure BCBG and Harper's Bazaar snagged a few more loyal customers along the way but in my opinion - for a brand such as BCBG; styling is everything.

Breaking the Hiatus: Surabaya Street Style

So I haven't exactly been the epitome of punctuality or updates so I'm just going to post a quick picture up while the big stuff is still under construction. I've been away from Internet and from the computer for about two weeks now on account of the fact that I went to Surabaya, Indonesia for a while.

It was marvelous! A lot of food that I've missed and will continue to miss and having my bestie there isn't all that bad either. Speaking of, I'll leave you with a picture of her which I think is simplicity at its best.


One cannot go wrong with a jeans and t-shirt combo and her tall, lanky frame obviously helps. But what I love about this is that bag - the blood red bag makes the whole outfit pop. Then there are the subtle accessories that accentuate and not overwhelm: stuff to think about eh?

A Little Inspiration

Sorry for the hiatus but I don't know what's been up with me lately! It's been all so weird and incongruent. This is just a quickie but I thought that I'd show off a little by posting a picture of what I wore my new heels with (the Bally ones I was talking about before).

On Clarice: Bebe dress, Bally 'Ilya' heels, Gucci bag


A little close up of the dress I wore. I thought it was really cute because it's a modern twist on the classic 1920s flapper dresses. I know that vintage is all the rage! It was great for a night out too. I promise I'll update again soon!

What do you guys think of my new bangs?
Frankly, I needed a change...

Colour Kaleidoscope: a retrospect

I think this video is not only genius (kudos to Pogo) but also proved to be such an inspiration for my wearing colour these days : )

Vogue Soldier: Melanie Huynh

It seems like most of the people I intend to consider some figure of fashion to be inspired from are Vogue employees better known as the "Vogue Soldiers". Being one of the best high fashion magazines known for its editorial, fashion forward spreads along with great journalistic pieces; it is definitely a staple for any fashionista.

This time at least, I lay testament to an Asian (or at least half of one), Melanie Huynh a Vietnamese-French Voguette working at Paris Vogue.
Mélanie works as an assistant stylist at Paris Vogue under the tutelage of the famed Carine Roitfeld (editor-in-chief). It seems like a requirement not only to be fashionable but beautiful at the same time! Note that on the picture above, Mélanie is actually pregnant. She's concealed her baby bump underneath all that fashionableness and still has those signature lithe legs. It also doesn't hurt that her Eurasian features means having a great bone structure too!

When it comes to her fashion style, it's evident that the likes of Carine Roitfeld and Emmanuelle Alt has rubbed off on her. However, Mélanie never loses that signature style which is quintessentially hers. Basics and monochromes make a majority of her wardrobe and she never forgets to accentuate those legs she's known for. The mix of different textures, tones and basics/statements seem to be her style rules - there's always some great detailing on her outfits that make it fabulous.

I love how she can always manage to be effortlessly chic! It takes a great eye to be able to pull it off without looking too 'done' and Mélanie has definitely mastered that.

Some of my favorite looks from her. I think she looks great in a jean and a well cut jacket. Black has never looked that good and it's also a requirement of Voguettes (specially those in Paris) to constantly be in heels!

Steal her look:
- Monochromes have to be abundant and your wardrobe staple
- Killer, statement heels are a must
- Basics with great eye-catching details are pieces you should look for (something you can wear daily but has that extra edge because of that great shoulder or ruffle, etc)
- Tailored yet edgy pieces are essential in Mélanie's wardrobe
- Remember to show off those legs!

This is but one of Mélanie's works for Paris Vogue. She styles for many shoots and sometimes, the Vogue girls are the models of the shoots.

Mélanie Huynh and Emmanuelle Alt

I leave you with a picture of the Paris Vogue Soldiers, Huynh and Alt whom I have featured before. They will go to the grave still being über fashionable - if we could all look this good...

Pour L'Homme: Hottie!

Credit: Jak and Jil

Guys take a cue from this good-looker. It's white denim and it's worn so suavely.
Casual chic? I think so...

I need to get me one of those too.

My new love: Bally 'Ilya' Heels

I couldn't resist showing off my recent purchase. (Read: Look what I bought today! On a trip that wasn't meant to be for shopping or remotely any purchasing!)


They were too pretty to resist and it was the last pair that so luckily happened to be in my size. So yes, I might be slightly materialistic or a label whore; call me whatever you want but I'm not the only one and they are just gorgeous. And I just really love shoes! Can't wait to wear them to god knows where.

I'm starting to think that I have a sort of Obsessive Compulsive Shopping Disorder because these are the second pair of heels I've gotten in 2 days. Not to mention 5 new books, some new jeans, shirts, leather jackets, sweaters, make up, whatever else there is to mention.

I need help!

Fashion Illustrator: Jean Phillipe Delhomme (aka: Unknown Hipster)

I've been meaning to blog about J.P.D for a while now but I suppose it has just slipped my mind. Amidst all the fashion photographers, street style and editorial alike; Delhomme uses his pens, coloured pencils and watercolours in order to illustrate what photographers capture.

His subjects are focused a lot on famous figures he encounters as well as prominent fashion figures of today's world. I really like how he likes to insert himself in many of his illustrations as if they were photographs. It doesn't hurt that his illustrative style is vibrant and captivating either. Personally, I really like his style! It's carefree and easy to look at.

Like on the illustration on the left, he illustrates himself with Marc Jacobs and Stella McCartney. Albeit the fact that he's being kicked in the head by Marc...
Then he illustrates two of the most prominent street style photographers, Garance Doré and Scott Schuman (aka: The Sartorialist). Rumour is that they're dating!


Famous figures such as the Pope, Karl Lagerfeld and Margherita Missoni are some of the people he illustrates. Love it. For more of his illustrations check out theunknownhipster or Jean-Phillipe Delhomme

Of colour and cut

There's a big trend that's been here all this year, cut-off and cropped pants. It surfaced sometime late last year and is here to stay as seen and updated from runways of Spring to Fall. Usually, pants reach at least to our ankles if not lower depending on the style and cut but a cropped pant stops at the ankle upwards. Some people might think that this look is extremely hard to pull off, that you have to be tall, slim and model-esque; but there are ways to make this hot trend work for you! Remember just to follow these tips...


Taken from the 2010 Resort collections, all these pants have something in common - they are all cropped. There are various styles from something scrunched at the ankles to folded or just a clean, lean cut.
For those fortunate enough to have slim, tall, mile-long legs; you're in luck because you can basically wear any kind of pant and it'll surely look good. However, for those of us (like me) who are petite and of average frame; we have to look a little more carefully. Tapered pants (meaning they are smaller round the ankles) will elongate and slim your legs. Most of the pants here possess some tapering qualities. Slim, cigarette pants also look great as they elongate your leg too, by introducing one clean and straight line down the legs.
Remember to also keep in mind where the pant stops. Somewhere at your ankle bone or below mid-calf works wonders for petite figures. This is because if the pant is of an awkward length (like mid-calf or below the knee) it CUTS the leg and makes us look stumpy and bigger than we are. Ankles are an attractive feature as it's a slim part of the leg; accentuating that area will then visually draw attention to it.
From Roksanda Ilinic to Marc Jacobs, all designers have created a slick silhouette and whether they are a little baggier or slouchier still manages to be sharp and chic.


Secondly, I'd like to introduce colour! We all know that it might be hard to work with colour but it's simpler than one thinks. Big trends this season is eye-popping colour in bright hues and jewel tones. This time, I chose yellow as the different shades can complement almost all types of skin-tones. From muted yellows to bright, sunflower yellows; there are varying shades to suit everybody.
As depicted above, runway looks always add more drama in order to emphasise the effect designers choose to employ. But also, many of the yellow pants are also paired with more muted, neutral tones as to not overpower an ensemble. When translating the look to everyday wear; that's a key rule to follow. Don't overwhelm your outfit with too many colours and let the statement pants do the talking. If too many elements are added to an outfit, it'll look confused and sloppy. Or like some little child went crazy with finger paints. So pair yellows with neutrals like brown, black, beige, greys or any other muted colour for an everyday look.
However, if graphic is the way you want to go; remember to keep 'colour contrast' in mind. Opposing colour such as yellow and purple work surprisingly well together. Experiment with shades of blue as well.
But if you choose to have a light yellow as a pant, then don't be afraid to experiment with bright colours for the tops!

Credits: Garance Doré, The Sartorialist

For this lookbook, I got inspired by the cut and colour of Giovanna's (right) pants and her easy, effortless look. However, as a colour palette; inspiration arose from Garance Doré's street style pictures depicting the colour combination of yellow and beige. It's summer, fun and effortless. Plus it's a colour everyone's bound to have in their wardrobes.
I combined the tapered yellow pant with a beige billowy top to create a more summery look this time round.

On Clarice: vintage yellow pants(mum's old pants), Esprit white tank top, Zara beige sheer shirt, Sisley belt, necklace from Far East Plaza, Guess wedge heels.

The high-waisted, tapered yellow pants help to elongate my legs while still ending at my ankle bone. The fact that it is slimmer at the ankles slims down the leg and the wideness of the upper part also hides any flaws. As the pants are somewhat more fitted, wearing a looser top helps to contrast that and balances the outfit. If everything is tight and tight, it doesn't necessarily make for a pretty sight and looks as if the life is being squeezed out of you. I brought it in the waist belt to break the colour tones and separate the sheer beige from the bright yellow. The billowy sleeves and sheer material of the top also lend it an effortless summery vibe.


Because my pants are tapered, you could also roll up the hems. This is made possible as the fabric can help 'cling' onto the rest of the pants without unfurling. Rolled up hems are very popular in many different runways and help to lend a chic summery vibe.
I translated these looks into something a person can wear everyday while out and about. For a day to night transformation, simply add a blazer on top or change into a more glamorous top. Keep in mind, with a silhouette like this, tops should be more voluminous to maintain balance.

Cropped and coloured pants 101:
- For petite figures, remember to look for a cropped pant which stops at your ankles or slightly above it. Anything mid-calf or below the knee is a NO NO! because it makes you look stumpy
- Tapered pants are slimmer round the ankles but for cropped pants, shouldn't cling to your calves if looking for a cropped, summery feel.
- High-waists also visually elongate your legs as low-rise cropped pants could result in making you even shorter due to the restricted materials that covers your frame. High waists also help to flatter the stomach making them appear slimmer.
- If choosing a bright colour for your pants, remember to go easy on the top. Experiment with opposing colours however, do work but remember not to overdo with too many cluttered accessories or other different colours. If unsure of what opposite colours are, reference a colour wheel. Stick to one statement look.
- For those with tanned skin, muted colours work well as they accentuate your tan. When opting for bright colours, be bright and bold but don't go deep; it will make you look sallow and even darker.
- For those with fair skin, rich but bright colours will pop on you. Muted colours also work well but remember to add contrast to that by pairing it with a bright top or some accessories. If everything is too muted, you'll look dull and very very fair. Steer clear of shades that are somewhere down the middle (neither muted or bright).

Fashion Icon: Giovanna Battaglia


Many people oblivious to the fashion industry must wonder; who exactly is Giovanna Battaglia? Perhaps you've seen her face around here and there, but what exactly does she do? Giovanna is one of the 'Vogue Soldiers' working as a fashion editor for Vogue L'Uomo (Men's Vogue). Her signature sartorial style (look at the wonderful use of alliteration!) has landed her a permanent fixture in many street style blogs including that of The Sartorialist and Garance Doré. Being a former (and exclusively) Dolce&Gabbana model as well as a stylist, she has a wardrobe many editors would envy. However, there's more to her than merely meets the eye.


Here are some of my favorite looks that she has showcased over the years. Her easy-going and chic style is reflected in the way she wears her clothes, transforming looks from day to night by merely changing a jacket or some accessories. Although keeping to neutrals, she always manages to inject some colour into her wardrobe such as that displayed by those bright yellow pants.


Something that makes Giovanna different from other editors and fashion insiders alike is her ability to re-work her clothes. One wouldn't catch Anna Wintour or Carine Roitfeld in the same outfit twice, but for Giovanna; she definitely has her wardrobe favorites and staples. As pictured above, Giovanna is able to transform the same pair of pants into two completely different outfits with different vibes. She is often pictured with her knee-high black boots or birkin bag and grey turtlenecks amongst others. And she's definitely not afraid to show what she loves by re-wearing and re-working her pieces.


Giovanna favours labels often thought to be slightly unsexy, more tailored than anything such as Marni, Prada or Viktor and Rolf. However, she has a penchant to be able to wear them in such a manner which is far from frumpy. Always effortlessly elegant and classy she keeps people guessing as to how she's going to wear her pieces next.
She always keeps it simple and fresh, layering different key pieces together to create a seamless outfit. It also doesn't hurt that she can show off those legs in a pair of killer heels and short skirts. Her minimalist style with makeup kept to a minimum and subtle accessories are always tasteful and she always knows what works on her.

If only we could all have the same wardrobe and ability to mix and match and transform a look by putting on new shoes, jacket and some accessories. Then again, Giovanna is Giovanna just because of that.

Credits to: The Sartorialist

Couture Fall 2009: Valentino

Valentino has become a name synonymous with the signature 'Valentino Red', flowing gowns, feminine silhouettes and Oscar Red Carpet worthy looks. When Valentino Garavani, the label's original designer stepped down from the pedestal in January 2008; it has since had to regain its footing to maintain the splendour that Valentino left with his name.

Taking the helms this time round are Valentino's former accessory designers, Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli after Alessandra Fachinetti's unsuccessful run as Valentino's successor. Drawing from Valentino's plentiful archives, Chiuri and Piccioli managed to depict something that remotely resembled something Valentino would design: feminine, detailed, pretty and lacy. Although it might seem like they are rooted in the past following Valentino's shadow; they have also managed to break away from slight conventions by injecting a certain youthfulness in the collection.
I'm really a sucker for anything pretty and wonderfully, frivolously lacy; hence there's always been a natural affinity to Valentino's designs. I remember the time where I used to see my darling old grandmother break into her gorgeous red Valentino gown and how that would make me gush at the impeccable workmanship.

This season is however, not without its faults. The main focus from the two designers being a demure yet youthful combination of black, ruffly lace over nude. Lucid Couture determines some of the best and worst of Valentino's Fall Couture collection.

Left to right by row:
1. An intricately nude ruffled blouse is paired with a springy black lace skirt over the same nude material trimmed with more ruffles! I like how it shows the right amount of skin and how ruffles can remain chic without looking like a court jester.

2. Black lace dress over nude. What's different about this dress is its silhouette as it reminds me a little bit of an oversized t-shirt (borrowed from the boyfriend of course). Love their use of lace masks for a little trompe l'oeil effect too.

3. One of the only shorts to be showcased in this collection. Black lacy shorts paired with a black ruffled blouse and a black jacket embossed with silver flowers. It's all subtle in its own way (specially the flowers on the jacket) but combined together just makes for a darling combination.

4. The little black ruffly dress. Love the simplicity of the black dress with the minor (or not so minor) detailing of that ruffled flap on the side. Some hate it, but I think it's what makes it stand out. Imagine going to a cocktail party with this number on!

5. More of an embroidered lace cutout dress, I really like the fact that it looks like you've stuck on little lace pieces to the base of your neck when really; it's connected by a nude mesh material.

6. Of course, no Valentino collection would be complete without its fair share of gowns. One of the only gowns I thought was decent despite its atrocious wedding cake layered ruffles. I just like the asymmetry of the bodice.


Left to right by row:
1. The little dress has way too much going on. Prints here and there! Combine that with lace! Maybe some tulle and ruffles! Looks like Valentino puked on it and voilà, this contraption was created. Not really a pretty sight.

2. How are we supposed to take a good look at a dress when one can only fixate on the coat? It looks like a hybrid of a turkey tail and a squid. What would Anna Wintour say?

3. Sometimes ideas are best left to the head. The combination of the skirt and the nude blouse could POTENTIALLY be something marvelous. However, in this case it just didn't work. The front of the skirt with ruffles-a-plenty reminds me of those coral in the sea. Then there's that weird, prettified Darth Vader neck cape thing going on...

4. Little black dresses are musts. But not when it looks like you've stuck a turkey on to your back. Why the unnecessary ruffles?

5. And we are back to gowns. This one looks like a dismally overwrapped Christmas present. With bows and ruffles aplenty. Or one of those crackers you pull to get those little treats inside?

6. I don't know what to say to the last gown. Shapeless with weirdly shaped 'ruffles' to boot. Looks like an overactive transmission of radiowaves or something. I know, what must I be thinking? Years of chemistry has seeped into my mind but I just don't like what I see.

Another bizarre thing which permeated throughout the collection was the weird ruffly shoes. There comes a point when ruffles just become a little overdone and with lace, ruffles, organza and tulle aplenty I think it's due time Piccioli and Chiuri done a little once over with an editing eye. They should've stuck to the nude shoes present in most of 'The Hits' pictures.
Nevertheless, I think Valentino has gained some steady ground and we do owe it to these two designers but it'll be another couple of seasons before they finally find their niche and deliver a solid collection.

But, where did the Valentino red go to?

Style on legs: Emmanuelle Alt

There's something about Emmanuelle Alt, fashion director of Vogue Paris that's undeniably stylish. There's no doubt that the whole lot at Vogue Paris are just painfully stylish (Carine Roitfeld, Melanie Hyunh, Geraldine Saglio) but to me, Emmanuelle takes the cake. She stays true to her aesthetics by defying the norm.

She sticks to monochromatic colours, most often favouring an all-black ensemble. Sharp, androgynous and subtly sexy. Some might say "safe and boring" however due to her impeccable eye for fit and proportion; nothing about Emmanuelle is ordinary and plain. She knows what fits and looks good, thus combining these two elements together equates to a word frivolously thrown around as "fierce".


Favouring cargo pants, well tailored jackets (her biker jacket is most definitely a recurring theme), must-have basics, skinny jeans and gravity defying architectural heels; she is confident, seemingly sulky (specially in pictures, perhaps she doesn't like to have them taken?), fabulously cool and elusive - the lucidity with which we understand her image is undeniable.

Maybe we all need to take a little cue from her, all that s**t we throw on before leaving the house looking like an over-decorated christmas tree does not necessarily equate to fabulosity! She is not really one to follow trends, sticking to her own palette she never fails to be stylish. Simple, tailored, slightly androgynous, indifferent and oh-so-cool.

Fashions fade, style is eternal - Yves Saint Laurent

Take it from the boys

The other day, there was a tribute for Michael Jackson at Zirca. Dubbed the "Black and White Party" it was sort of obvious what the prevailing theme for the night would be: come dressed in full black or full white (and you get two free drinks). It was ladies night nonetheless...

Taking up this occasion, I decided to go for a full black ensemble mostly inspired by Michael's sister, Janet and her penchant for wearing 'suits' to red carpet events. It didn't hurt that a lot of Fall 2009 runway trends also teetered on androgyny; embracing the masculinity of a suit dedicated for women. Thanks to YSL who made Le Smoking suit so fashionable, sparking the trend for the liberation of women no less.


All taking inspiration from men's tuxedo, it has been altered to fit a woman's body. I opted to find suits which show off a little here and there which deviates slightly from the traditional black and whites by sticking to one colour.

Left to right
1. Yves Saint Laurent is famed for their suits, after all they are the original creators of Le Smoking. Tapered pants is a fashion trend here to stay after seeing it on the runway for at least two seasons. The use of the leather juxtaposed to these tailored pants create a slick yet feminine approach to the usual pantsuit.
2. Doo.Ri combines the jacket with sheer arms to create a feminine, ethereal yet still defined silhouette. I need to get me one of those!
3. A little something the Sartorialist captured during Paris' fashion week. It's easy and cool and has such understated elegance and nonchalance. Love the leather cut-offs (all the rage this season too)
4. A little Janet Jackson that I tried to emulate (minus the big hair)

On Clarice: MaxMara black blazer, Banana Republic black wide leg pants, Miu Miu heels, Lauren Merkin clutch, Marciano embellished brassiere, Mango headband


So yes, I was being a little 'skimpy' with the no-shirt-under-blazer but I was well covered up thank you very much.

The wide pant always gives you a slimmer and taller appearance while one cannot go wrong with a basic colour like black. As mentioned before, this is a fitted blazer cut on the hips with a cinched waist which defines, shapes and works great with more petite figures.
I find with a more androgynous outfit like this - minimal accessories work better because over-doing it rids of the whole image you're trying to portray. So if you are a person who tends to pile on the accessories - remember to take the last item you put on, OFF!