MJ: Tribute to a fashion legend

I probably write this a couple of days late but it's better later than never. As we all know, Michael Jackson the Great King of Pop has passed on and frankly, I've never been more disappointed in a great star's death... (till Johnny Depp passes away too)

Even though people might say that he's a paedophile, weirdo, plastic surgery fanatic or whatnot; one cannot deny the impact he has had on the entertainment industry. From his dance moves to his fashion; MJ has been an influential driving force to creating trends which are still embraced today.

RIP Michael Jackson 1958-2009
"You are not alone"

Although some might argue that the hyped Balmain jacket was inspired from Sgt. Pepper (by the Beatles), it seems more evident that MJ was more of an inspiration for Christophe Decarnin (Balmain's designer). Indeed the military Sgt. Pepper details might stem from The Beatles but with the infusion of the exaggerated shoulders and slim fit; it seems true to MJ's style. Just look at the similarity!
Of course, that's not the only trend he created. Fedoras, one handed gloves, cropped pants and bomber jackets have popped up in celebs' wardrobes and on runways worldwide.

Hats off to you Michael for not only creating masterpieces transcending generations but for inspiring people everywhere with your one-of-a-kind style which truly, cannot be reincarnated. I'll never forget those weekends where Daddy dearest tried in vain to teach me the moonwalk or just grooving out to "Smooth Criminal" or "Thriller" (yes, I'm guilty!)

Blazey Does It

Felt sort of inspired-ish to get off my lazy derrière and do something for a change. I said I'd do an entry on how to wear this and that so I decided that I love the blazer too much to not do anything about it.

Decided to go with my off-white tuxedo inspired blazer. It has a black lining on the lapel which I find sort of gives it that "I'm formal but not quite" look. Some people associate blazers with work, more formal occasions and being uptight in general. All that diplomacy has gone out the window with the way people wear blazers today - which can actually survive in tormenting Singapore weather.

On Clarice: Zara t-shirt, Banana Republic blazer, Bebe mini pencil skirt, vintage Rodo belt

Tips on how to find a good blazer:
1. Look for a cutting that flatters YOU. Slim fit, narrow, double-breasted, straight, cinched waist, cropped, etc. All depends on what look you want to achieve and what suits you.

2. Make sure you can MOVE in it! I do this test: put the blazer on and cross your arms over as if you're trying to hug yourself. If you can't touch your opposite shoulder while doing this - it's too tight. Secondly, raise your arms up reaching for the ceiling. If it feels strained on your upper arm - again it is too small!

3. Small details are key! Check out the workmanship - the seams, buttons, lining, everything!

4. If you want a blazer in Singapore weather - make sure the lining isn't too thick. Something muslin or something with no lining will work well.

5. Sleeves are usually meant to reach to the base of the thumb so that it doesn't look idiotic when you reach for something and it looks like you're wearing your little sister's clothes.

6. I'm a petite person (162cm) and I find that for a normal person like me; a cropped, fitted blazer works best. But of course, don't be afraid to experiment with different cuttings!


Doing this photo-op; I decided to just go all out and get inspired by the different runway make-up trends available too. Felt like doing a smoky eye so I did my bit of research and settled for Anna Sui's Fall/Winter 2009.

Plenty of other designers using heavily smoked eyes but I liked the complimenting earthy toned red lip used here. I'm nowhere near runway material - so don't start comparing! : )

Love the look at Preen and Roberto Cavalli. The cat eye smoky eye (say that 5 times fast) is bold and smouldering. I don't think one can go wrong with a good smoky eye.
Of course, the rest of the face is kept simple or else you'd look like a hooker.