How Does She Do It?

How does Giovanna Battaglia do it? Stay so effortlessly stylish! It seems like no matter where she goes, even to the most casual of outings; there's still something about her style that exudes that quintessential Italian charm. She never looks overdone and always looks comfortable in whatever she's wearing. Psh, I'm officially jealous.


Doesn't hurt to have gorgeous legs like hers.


A Decadent Thing said...

absolutely love her whole outfit!!


nycrun said...

its fairly easy if you have money and a clear vision of your style. Its possible to acquire any style

clarice said...

@nycrun: yes i do agree, however acquiring one's own personal style is something that also takes some experimentation and time.

i'm just praising giovanna for those elements, not basing it on whether she has money or not (which she obviously does) but for exuding elegance and grace.