Style on legs: Emmanuelle Alt

There's something about Emmanuelle Alt, fashion director of Vogue Paris that's undeniably stylish. There's no doubt that the whole lot at Vogue Paris are just painfully stylish (Carine Roitfeld, Melanie Hyunh, Geraldine Saglio) but to me, Emmanuelle takes the cake. She stays true to her aesthetics by defying the norm.

She sticks to monochromatic colours, most often favouring an all-black ensemble. Sharp, androgynous and subtly sexy. Some might say "safe and boring" however due to her impeccable eye for fit and proportion; nothing about Emmanuelle is ordinary and plain. She knows what fits and looks good, thus combining these two elements together equates to a word frivolously thrown around as "fierce".


Favouring cargo pants, well tailored jackets (her biker jacket is most definitely a recurring theme), must-have basics, skinny jeans and gravity defying architectural heels; she is confident, seemingly sulky (specially in pictures, perhaps she doesn't like to have them taken?), fabulously cool and elusive - the lucidity with which we understand her image is undeniable.

Maybe we all need to take a little cue from her, all that s**t we throw on before leaving the house looking like an over-decorated christmas tree does not necessarily equate to fabulosity! She is not really one to follow trends, sticking to her own palette she never fails to be stylish. Simple, tailored, slightly androgynous, indifferent and oh-so-cool.

Fashions fade, style is eternal - Yves Saint Laurent

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ann said...

agreed! i love emmanuelle alt's style - it's so effortless.

you got it spot on.