At this current point in time, yes now, right now! As you are sitting in your chair... could you name me anyone more fabulous and over the top as Anna Dello Russo?
She's the darling of street style photographers and more recently, has penetrated the world of publications. Since when have industry insiders become the face of the industry they work in? It used to be ruled by celebrities and models but now, editors and fashion insiders are cozying in on this trend.

Just wanted to do a quick shout out to the fabulous Miss Anna Dello Russo (whom I covered in an earlier post) for her amazing style and photoshoot with Net-A-Porter. Took some screen caps so that I can go drool over them myself.

Photos all from net-a-porter

Now tell me, can anyone get away with this on a daily basis? Only Anna Dello Russo and let me tell you, J'ADR! She's so fierce and loves fashion for what it is. Oh and, never wears the same clothes twice, who wouldn't kill for a non-recyclable wardrobe like that?

 - LCT.

What ifs...

For us little people, there are many what ifs. What if this happened instead of that? What if I had gotten this shoe instead of that?
Photo: Tommy Ton for Style.com

Yeah, it's frivolous to even think of what ifs for shoes, but hey! to us girls it does matter (note to all the men out there). So while I was carousing the Singapore shops over the Winter break, I tried on these McQueen babies.


Let me tell you that. Great platform for its height but that doesn't even matter when you're wearing the foot's equivalent of a Picasso! I was also told that the shoe I was trying was the ONLY piece to be imported into Singapore - another reason why I fell in love with them. Not too  mention their $3000 price tag - ya, no big deal. It's just spare change ;)
The store manager told me about the "great deal" I was getting since it's originally $6500, still. At this day and age, it's not exactly NORMAL per se for a 19-year old to go and spend $3000 for a pair of shoes. At the end of the day, I'm still a happy child. Even if my life is deprived of this magnificent piece.


I got these shoes! The leopard print Miu Mius that I'm still totally in love with. So what if I had gotten the McQueens? That's okay, let me just go stroke my Miu Mius now.........

lots of love,
- LCT.