Of flyers and flowers

Have you ever had one of those days where you felt like you were doing a million things at once? I have and this was definitely one of them…
I’m not complaining, it’s just there’s one thing after another (after another) and you wonder how it all sort of just piled up on top of one another. Oh, trust me; I’ve experienced this academically and socially, the former being slightly more torturous.

So there comes this dilemma, what exactly are you going to wear to all these events without looking tired and awkward going from one place to another? With the venues all over the place, it’s not like I could have a glamorous wardrobe change in a snap, crackle and pop of a finger. How I wish I were Anna Dello Russo in these situations!

With Singapore’s humid, stormy weather as of late; I ended up just wearing a really simple ensemble that I thought could just take me from the opening of the flower exhibition to a cocktail flight on the Singapore flyer to a nice dinner at Dempsey.

Photobucket Photobucket

While I attempt to distract you with breathtaking pictures of the Singapore skyline as seen from the flyer... Jeans you say? I know, wearing jeans to nice places when you have the option of cute dresses and flirty skirts? But hey, it’s versatile and the ability you have to dress it up or down just sealed the deal.

(sorry for the image heavy post!)



Shirt: Zara
Jeans: 7 for all Mankind with Massimo Dutti belt
Shoes: Bally
Necklaces: Che2 NYC and vintage
Watch: Dad's Michel Herbelin
Bag: Alexander McQueen (again, I know!)

Summer: High on Life

The summer is finally here (actually, it has been for the past 2 months...) and here comes my re-first post. I say "re-first post" not because the blog is new, but because it's a fresh start to an attempt at keeping one.

You see, I don't know if it's just a problem with me or there is a worldwide epidemic but I'm a person who is just so good at procrastinating (I think it's a disease and not just a condition...) and is a commitment-phobe (again, can someone prescribe me something?!? I swear it's not just a state of mind) that I just found it hard to have to pose, take pictures, edit, upload, crop, bling (mmm okay, maybe not) and blog about it all. So I reached for the next best solution: desertion. Ooh what a dreaded word, no one wants to hear about being deserted. Or neglected. Deserted and neglected - what a combo!

So yeah, it's still a bit of a hassle but what thing is worth it without having the hassle? Even ice cream and shopping comes with calories and finances. Next time, I'll put my money where my mouth is when I decide to say "Oooh, blogging. It's eeeeeasyyy!" Now I'm sure I can hear a collective groan from all you bloggers out there at how time-consuming it can be.

Nonetheless it's the summer and what better way to pass the time than to share my 'oh-so-important' thoughts with the blogosphere? So, here's a series of shots I took after having dinner with a friend whom I haven't met in over a year! It's terrible of me but sometimes, don't you just find it so hard to keep in touch with people you promised to keep in touch with? Or is it just me?

We had a wonderful dinner to summarise the night and I don't know why it took us this long to see each other again. With all my friends scattered halfway across the world, you really just have to take advantage of the limited time you actually have and as for the outfit... just something easy and comfortable to wear for a day out.



Dress: Massimo Dutti
Bag: Alexander McQueen
Shoes: Zara
Belt: Nina Ricci
Watch: Hermes
Bangles: Marc Jacobs and Rachel Leigh


Now before you all judge, my style sort of just changes. I have a solid foundation but it's never overly complicated or even overly trendy, it's just about me as an individual. I'm no Jane Aldridge (who is absolutely beautiful and has an eclectic style that I can never in a million years pull off!) or Denni from CHICMUSE but it doesn't matter, fashion's just something to have fun with!



I think I'm finally ready to dive right in and get this all re-started. There is no excuse for me to actually, in the first place, abandon this blog but I guess life sort of just caught up with me. Now I've sort of found a nice equilibrium (more or less) and hopefully, all goes well!

I've also decided to take this blog in a rather new direction, already done and dusted but I wasn't quite happy with where it was headed and the content of all of it. I'll be deleting a lot of my older posts just because now when I look at it, it elicits more of a "WHAT WAS I THINKING?!?" more that anything else. It was difficult enough managing two different blogs (of which I don't even know why I decided to start a new one to begin with) but now the decision has been made that it really should be more of a lifestyle thing instead of keeping personal and 'fashionable' life separate - because really, my fashion revolves around my life.

So, to new beginnings or rather, second beginnings. No matter, what better way to start again during Couture season?

Update: Been deleting posts off my history, so excuse the bareness of the blog!