Dior in a Frame

I went to Quentin Shih's exhibition quite a while back and only did I realise I took some pictures on my iPhone (so excuse for the marvelously inexcusable wash of colour).

Many people probably don't know that an 'Ion Art' even exists because most people are confined to the lower vicinity of this segregating mall (aka: the Basements). It is located on the top floor, tucked away in a very unassuming corner.


Nevertheless, Quentin Shih's exhibition is up titled "Stranger in a Box". It involves all of the Dior models or at least clothes being encased in a clear box with all sorts of stereotypical 'Chinese' onlookers. He said it is meant to depict the detachment between the two cultures and even through globalisation and increasing integration; somehow something like Dior and China will never become unanimous.

Credit: Quentin Shih

Anyway, all I can say is the concept is simply marvelous. I love the juxtaposition of the haute couture with commie guards, factory workers, school children or official-looking people. However, I think everything's slightly too repetitive and not in that cohesive, coherent way. It is constantly a Caucasian woman in a box, wearing no other than Dior with a couple of Chinese onlookers around her set somewhere in industrial China.

Nevertheless, ION art is somewhat of a sanctuary I've discovered. Barely anyone goes there and it's really quiet, peaceful and somewhat clinical (not to mention sterilised?). You get a bunch of chairs grouped nonchalantly, each a piece of art on its own.


It's extremely tranquil and away from the hustle and bustle of ION. It's strange really and somewhat relieving, I actually like that place. I sat there for quite a while just contemplating (sounds loner-ish, I know). But I hope you'll get to enjoy it as much as I do: I'm also an art-junkie (I spent about 3 days in the Louvre, last time I was in Paris for the gazillionth time).

ION Art:
ION Orchard #04-01

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