Breaking the Hiatus: Surabaya Street Style

So I haven't exactly been the epitome of punctuality or updates so I'm just going to post a quick picture up while the big stuff is still under construction. I've been away from Internet and from the computer for about two weeks now on account of the fact that I went to Surabaya, Indonesia for a while.

It was marvelous! A lot of food that I've missed and will continue to miss and having my bestie there isn't all that bad either. Speaking of, I'll leave you with a picture of her which I think is simplicity at its best.


One cannot go wrong with a jeans and t-shirt combo and her tall, lanky frame obviously helps. But what I love about this is that bag - the blood red bag makes the whole outfit pop. Then there are the subtle accessories that accentuate and not overwhelm: stuff to think about eh?

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