Harper's Bazaar: November 2009

This is a quick and slightly frivolous and HIGHLY INDULGENT entry; but I'm going to do it anyway...


Credit: Harper's Bazaar Singapore

So yes, it's mightily self-indulgent but the entry I did quite a while back about the BCBG fashion party made it to Harper's Bazaar Singapore. So we had our photos taken and were featured in the magazine - albeit in the corner where most people don't look anyway.
As I said, frivolous and self-indulgent but hey, what girl could resist?

Oh and if you are wondering, I'm wearing Banana Republic tuxedo pants, Basso&Brooke shirt and Lauren Merkin clutch.

P.S: I'm so sorry for the lack of entries these days, I've been so BUSY moving and everything and it just got to the the point where I was unmotivated to do anything. I promise I'll be back for some more action : )