Summer Lovin'

I'm such a non-committal person but something always brings me back to this blog. My interest and love for fashion will probably never dissipate - and that, I can assure you.

So it's the middle of summer and the weather's hot, the sun swelters long into the day as we lounge on chairs (and hopefully drink some cocktails) to pass the time. I've been having a fabulous time travelling to Europe and deciding that this blog needs a more coherent (slightly revamped) direction.

In the meantime, enjoy some of these lovely pictures shot by none other than Mr. Tommy Ton of Jak&Jil fame. I am not a big fan of taking pictures of my outfits (no matter how "FAB" my outfits are since I'm no model and the summer makes me feel like a rotund hippopotamus!), but I may just put some up if and when I feel like it... and if you readers want some!

Next pant cuffs on my list! Such a whimsical little detail that is so easy to do on your own too.

Anna Dello Russo (in white) with Aurora (left) and Viviana (right) - love them! Maybe being ADR's assistants has its perks...

Still lusting after the Céline Luggage tote in fantasmagoric colours. Love this - it's so delicious for summer.

Viviana's Stella McCartney dress. Just makes me want to drink some pink lemonade!

And lastly, as much as I am trying to get colour into my unusually neutral wardrobe consisting of beiges, whites and blacks... I do still love a good summery, breezy and oh-so-light look for the summer. It looks like you could never sweat in such an ensemble. I'm really loving the silhouette too - need to get myself a properly A-line skirt.

Will be back soon for more updates! Continue reading :) and have a great summer, folks!
All pictures from Tommy Ton's shoot in

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Evelyn Halim said...

Summer colours are so juicy, somehow it could boost our mood up. Anw, I adore the last look. It's very classy and easy to match with jewellery.

xx stilettonizer xx