Launch Party: Louis Vuitton Ion Orchard

As we all know, Ion Orchard's official launch date is 21 July 2009 (keep it on the calendars!), however ever-evolving Louis Vuitton decided that things needed to be done just a little earlier.

Most of you have probably walked by Ion Orchard and have seen people slaving to get Louis Vuitton finished. Day and night the work never stops and today; the official launch party has begun. Celebs, media, fashionistas and tai tais alike have flocked to the much awaited launch of the iconic store known for its leather luxury goods.

Outside the event, Mo√ęt et Chandon (also owned by the LVMH company) were abundant as guests happily sipped on their champagne glasses before being ushered in to the lush space and getting a sneak peek at all the treats Louis Vuitton has to offer specially stamped with "Louis Vuitton Orchard Road Singapore". The exclusivity of these goods remain at about 10 per item - specially at the launch party so they're going to be snapped up readily!

The circular and sleek interiors of the Louis Vuitton in Orchard Road dominate with many exclusive goods being sold. Personally - I find it bizarre when people flock to spend lots and lots of moolah on such goods till they have to QUEUE to just get into the store.
Even in Paris you walk in as you please. They don't impose dress codes (meaning you can walk in with slippers if it so please you) and staff don't look at you condescendingly. It's a much nicer shopping experience but well, who knows? Ion Orchard might be the milestone for something new.

It seems like although LV is a luxury brand, it has somehow tarnished its reputation as one increasingly becoming a commodity. But hey who am I one to talk? I suppose it's not like I'm not guilty of purchasing items there either - but that's just my two cents worth.

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