Recently, I've been going through while being the bum I usually am during the summer. I've also been nerdily observing the Singapore sky these past week and when you usually cannot see the stars when you look directly above you, it's quite the 'occasion'! Sort of strange how weather works since it's been storming a lot due to the typhoons in the area.

Anyway, I'm so boring and nerdy because I'm talking about the weather. Yes, that's what I do in my spare time... So I leave you with a few images that have inspired me to hunt for a couple of pieces that have awesome constellations and satellite images on them (probably not from Christoper Kane [although I'm actually very tempted to get something from his Cruise 2011]...)


Christopher Kane Cruise 2011:

First and Last Image: NASA

I find it so cool how he can literally transpose NASA's images on to the pieces and make it look so beautiful. I'd definitely like to look like a constellation ;)


Lorreta F. Michelle said...

heyyy! thank you for visiting my blog and dropping me a comment. highly appreciated it. hope you have a great summer! gonna link your blog as well.


Anonymous said...

This is Jade! I followed you on twitter and tried to leave a comment maaaaany times but it NEVER EVER gets through!

Here's hoping this one does.

Agnes Kennedy-Spencer said...

=) nice transposition! It totally looks the same.