Oh my Dior!

In the fashion world, I'm probably light-years late but every season seems to move so fast that sometimes, I can't keep up! Specially when life sort of gets in the way and I can't spend all day in front of my beloved computer aimlessly surfing the countless troves that is the world wide web.

I've been meaning to take a gooood look (and by good look, I mean flipping through the images of each collection one by one) at the Couture season's offerings and I'm just in loooove with Dior's. Galliano never fails to deliver, he's really just a genius at his craft.

I'm a person who loves flowers and sometimes I get bored and just look up the names of different flowers on the internet (yes, because I'm OCD like that) so it was sort of natural that I would love this collection. Flowers totally make you happy and make a room just look that much nicer, don't you think? Dahlias, hydrangeas, magnolias - oh so nice! Wouldn't it be an absolute dream to wear one of these dresses?

Too many nice things to choose from, I'm just going to flood you with pictures of his Dior's Fall Couture collection now :)



Source: style.com

So what do you think of this collection?
- LCT.

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