Mr. Kanye West

So I'm going to SingFest tomorrow and I'm super excited! Really need to update the blog with a new outfit post but I'm in the process of picking and editing some pictures to put up.

In the meantime, let me share with you my excitement to go and see Kanye West tomorrow! And Lupe Fiasco and Kool & The Gang (yeah, cos I'm old school like that...)
Oh and not to mention that I love festival gear, it's taken the summer by storm! Kate Moss and her denim shorts, boots and boho chic top. Ahhh I'll make sure to document everything well tomorrow.


I leave you with a question: have you been to any music festivals this summer? And what did you wear?

Eat well and prosper! ;)

 - LCT.

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michelle_ said...

call me lame but ive never been to any music festival before.. lol

have a nice sunday :)