I think I'm finally ready to dive right in and get this all re-started. There is no excuse for me to actually, in the first place, abandon this blog but I guess life sort of just caught up with me. Now I've sort of found a nice equilibrium (more or less) and hopefully, all goes well!

I've also decided to take this blog in a rather new direction, already done and dusted but I wasn't quite happy with where it was headed and the content of all of it. I'll be deleting a lot of my older posts just because now when I look at it, it elicits more of a "WHAT WAS I THINKING?!?" more that anything else. It was difficult enough managing two different blogs (of which I don't even know why I decided to start a new one to begin with) but now the decision has been made that it really should be more of a lifestyle thing instead of keeping personal and 'fashionable' life separate - because really, my fashion revolves around my life.

So, to new beginnings or rather, second beginnings. No matter, what better way to start again during Couture season?

Update: Been deleting posts off my history, so excuse the bareness of the blog!

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