Biiiig Hiatus!

As 2011 is off to a running (or more like a nice brisk walking) start, I decided that it was high time I stop ignoring this blog! I think that's one of my biggest problems: Consistency.
I'm not going to plague you with New Year's Resolutions or excuses (I don't do very well with both) but I have been very caught up with college life.

The winter months is in full swing and I thought I'd leave you with a lovely photograph of great winter dressing. Probably not made for the snow we get in Boston though - or non-snow in Singapore.

I've a couple of outfit posts to put up but there's been so much inspiration around! Runways, street style and all that jazz. Holiday pounds don't help either! Chub, chub, chub...

Lots of love,
 - LCT


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GlamorousGirl said...

love all of these photos :)
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